EMT/EMR Psychomotor Exam

State of New Hampshire EMT/EMR Practical Exam


Register with the State of NH Bureau of EMS using their online form within 10 business days before the exam date.  In 1-2 business days, the state will email you the password to continue with step 2 of the enrollment process. If you do not receive your password in 3-4 business days, please call Lucy Roy at the NH Bureau of EMS at 603-223-4200.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to register with the state 10 business days before the exam will prevent you from registering with NHCPR and prevent you from taking the exam.

STEP 2:  Continue the registration process by clicking the "ENROLL NOW" button below your exam date.  Use the password issued by the state to continue the process.  This step is available until the exam start date.


Exam FeeFull Exam: $59.99, Retests: $25.99 for the first retest station and 5.00 for each station after. (Same day retests are free)

Exam Equipment Review Session:  For 1 hour before the exam start, we will offer an equipment review session.  This will allow you to preview the equipment and practice with the equipment.  This is a self-paced session with some instructor oversight.  The non-refundable fee for this session is $35.99 and must be paid during the enrollment process.  If you elect to add this session after you enroll in the exam, the non-refundable fee will be $45.00.

Fast Lane Option  This option ($35.99) will place your name in a quicker rotation than the rest of the testing candidates allowing you to complete the stations at a quicker pace.  This option only allows you to complete the stations quicker but does not guarantee that you will receive your results quicker although you typically will.  If you have to re-test a station due to a failure that day, you will have to wait until re-tests begin, and then you will be in a normal rotation for re-tests.

Same day retests are free.  Exam fees are non-refundable after enrollment unless the exam is canceled.

Important – Please Read

If you are you completed your EMT class in a state other than New Hampshire, need a psychomotor exam to re-enter the NREMT or are challenging the NREMT process and need a psychomotor exam, please contact the State of New Hampshire, Bureau of EMS at 603-223-4200.

New Hampshire Psychomotor Exam Sheets

EMT Exam Sheets:  Click Here     EMR Exam Sheets:  Click Here


Due to COVID-19, the State of New Hampshire Bureau of EMS temporarily suspended all EMT/EMR exams.  Exams have resumed are we are currently prioritizing exam registrations for the backlog of NHCPR EMT graduates only at this time.  To be notified when we will begin accepting outside registrations again, please click THIS LINK and fill out the form.


EMT/EMR Psychomotor Exam

Monday 02-22-2021 5:30 pm
NHCPR - Bedford
NHCPR - Bedford
9 Cedarwood Dr, Unit 12, Bedford NH 03110 Bedford, NH 03110 United States
$59.99 41

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