The national content for the NREMT certification renewal process at NHCPR is delivered in two parts. In order to receive credit for the particular national content you working on, you must complete both part 1 and part 2.

New Hampshire CPR, LLC will no longer be offering traditional classroom refreshers as delivery of the NCCR content is more efficient, consistent and is very flexible for the learner.

Part 1 - Online Lessons

This is where you will learn and show competencies in the different NCCR categories.  Once you have completed a category lesson, you will be able to print out a Part 1 Completion Certificate.  Once you have the Part 1 Completion Certificate, you can proceed to Part 2 - Skills Session.

Part 1 is available through a subscription.  To see subscription options, click the link below. 


Part 2 - Skill Sessions

After you receive your Part 1 Completion Certificate, you can now do Part 2 - Skill Sessions.  During this time you will work through the required skill sheets showing competencies in different skills.  This can be done by your training officer, or you can come to one of our scheduled Part 2 Sessions at NHCPR.

Part 2 is included in your Part 1 subscription.  To see available Part 2 dates, click the link below.


Once both components for a required module, you will receive credit for that module.

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