What are Private Classes?

We provide training where it's just you and the instructor. No distractions, no intimidation, and 100% quality and professional training tailored to your learning style and pace.

We provide this private training option for the following classes:

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers
  • CPR/AED certification
  • ACLS certification
  • PALS certification

Would you rather take a public class? View Our Public Class Schedule

How does it work?

We work with you. That means whatever day or time is convenient, we can set you up a class. All you need to do is contact us via phone or submitting a message through our form. We will respond with the same business day.

Make sure you've looked at your schedule so you can give us 3 dates that work for you, and we will get started on matching you with one of our highly skilled instructors. We always try to accommodate, but we can only guarantee availability two weeks out.

Why would I want Private CPR Classes?

Everyone learns best in different settings. You may get nervous in groups or you're really rusty and want some more dedicated attention. For others, you might be cramped on time and can't wait for our next public class.

We can't always guarantee that the class will be shorter, but more than likely it will take less time than taking a class with several other students.

In either case, private CPR classes are a great option!

Private ACLS Classes and Private PALS Classes

If you are a healthcare provider interested in taking ACLS or PALS, we have the same great option for you. Our Private ACLS Classes and Private PALS Classes are great options for several reasons.

First, it makes scheduling a class so much easier because you choose when and where you want the class.

Second, ACLS and PALS cover a broad range of topics. The benefit of Private ACLS Classes and Private PALS Classes is we slow down or speed up depending on your strengths and weaknesses. There's no pressure to keep moving or stay with the group. If you want to drill down on learning about ECGs, you have the luxury of doing that.

If you've never had a private class, it's definitely worth considering. Once you have this individualized experience, you won't want to do it any other way in the future.

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