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Audience:  This course is a babysitting training program for boys and girls ages 11-13. 


Course Content:


SafeSitter® is a medically oriented instructional program designed to train young people for babysitter certification. The curriculum includes units on babysitting as a business, behavior management, child development, safety, injury management, rescue breathing and choking techniques. Safesitter is a one-day, comprehensive class combining classroom lecture with hands on practice to facilitate an effective learning environment for the target audience of primarily young adolescents. The class is taught by professionals and maintains a small teacher/student ratio.


SafeSitter® is a popular program in the community and seeks to ensure that graduates will be safe, confident babysitters. In addition, a goal of SafeSitter is to teach information and skills which are not only useful for babysitting, but in other life arenas as well. The Safesitter® motto, "Better sitters today, better parents tomorrow" expresses this intent.


During the course, participants get hands-on practice in basic lifesaving techniques so they are prepared to act accordingly in a crisis situation. Participants must also pass a rigorous practical and written test to show they have mastered the key concepts and have the skills necessary to handle an emergency.


Injury Prevention

    • Rescue Breathing
    • Care for a Choking Infant or Child
    • Accident Management
    • First Aid
    • The Business of Babysitting
    • Basic Child Care (feeding, diapering)         
    • Safety for the Sitter
    • Behavior Management





Upcoming Manchester Classes


Course Format: Didactic & practical

Course Length: 5 +/- hours  

Course Cost: $73.00   This price includes the course & book.  Lunch is not included.  Please bring a bag lunch and drink.
Class Availability:  If the class says "Enroll Now" there is still space in the class.  Full classes will display "Sorry, Enrollment Full"

Minimum class sizeWe will not cancel a class due to a minimum class size.  We will hold the class even if only one student enrolls.

Late Enrollment Fee: $10.00 late enrollment fee.

Contact Us

New Hampshire CPR, LLC
679 Mast Rd
Manchester NH  03102



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