New Hampshire CPR, LLC is a locally owned and operated company providing EMS professionals to staff your event anywhere in New Hampshire. From birthday parties to sports to concerts, New Hampshire CPR, LLC is available to service a wide variety of medical standby needs at a price your organization can afford.

New Hampshire CPR, LLC is comprised of a highly-trained team of medical professionals. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of your event, from one or two person crews manning an aid station to multiple crews strategically placed around your entire event. No event is too small or too large. Medical staffing is done by experienced, qualified EMTs and Paramedics. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of service for your medical standby.

Although safety directors, tournament planners and other event organizers recognize the importance of having qualified medical professionals on site, it’s often a budgetary constraint that prevents you from having it; ambulances can cost upwards of $2000 for a day.  New Hampshire CPR, LLC gives you an affordable, professional option. Many of our staff currently work, or have worked for Fire Departments, hospitals or private ambulance companies. Having the experience of being a full-time Paramedic/Firefighter or an EMT/Firefighter gives our staff the expertise to handle any situation.

What happens if an injury or sickness occurs during your event? What if there’s a minor or serious medical emergency? Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind during your important event?  New Hampshire CPR, LLC gives you that. If an illness or injury takes place, experienced, qualified EMTs and Paramedics are readily available to handle any medical emergency situation in a professional and timely manner. The advantages of having this type of service at your next event can be life saving. Time is of the essence, early detection is crucial, stabilization is life saving and accurate reporting to incoming rescue ensures that proper patient care will continue.  New Hampshire CPR, LLC is discreet, compassionate and professional.

Why use New Hampshire CPR, LLC? FLEXIBILITY. Whether you need a team of medical professionals manning an aid station at a sports event or concert or to be available at a private affair, we are the medical professionals with the flexibility to adapt to the occasion.

Contact us now to have New Hampshire CPR, LLC professional EMS services at your next event.

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