WorkInvestNH - EMT Training Incentive Program

To aid in the recruitment and retention of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), the State of New Hampshire has established a program that covers the cost of EMT and Advanced EMT training, subsidizes a portion of wages for new hires, and offers an incentive for employees to stay in EMT Licensure-required positions.

To participate in the WorkInvestNH program, follow the steps below:

  1. If not already affiliated, connect with an NH EMS service, such as an ambulance service, fire department, or other EMS service.
  2. Inform the person in charge of training that you wish to pursue EMT or AEMT training through the WorkInvestNH program.
  3. Your EMS service must complete the application process for The WorkInvestNH - EMT Training Incentive Program
  4. Once approved, your service should contact us for direct billing and provide you with the next steps for enrollment.

Participation in the WorkInvestNH program is not required to enroll in the EMT or AEMT course.  Students can always attend the course by self-paying for the course.