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Are you interested in on-site training for your employees, staff, students, or other group? New Hampshire CPR is an award-winning organization and you will not find a more informative, professional, and engaging CPR training company elsewhere.

What sets our company apart from other CPR training centers is our firsthand experience. Our team of professional firefighters, paramedics, nurses, and emergency medical technicians respond to 911 emergencies on a daily basis and have all performed CPR in the field. Our skills are of the highest caliber because we have dedicated our lives to serving the public.

Below you will find a few of our frequently asked questions regarding on-site training. Please call or email using the form above for exact pricing and dates/times available for your onsite class. 


Q: How many people are needed for NHCPR to train at my location?
A: The minimum amount for onsite training is 5 people. We do train below the minimum with a flat rate of the pricing for 5.

Q: What type of onsite classes do NHCPR train offer, and how much are they?
A: We have a tiered pricing system based on attendees; which means the more people you train, the bigger the discount!

Q: When can NHCPR train at my location:
A: We are open 7 days a week for onsite classes.

Q: How old does my child need to be in order to be a part of an onsite class?
A: As long as the child can practice the skills, sit for the duration of the class, and complete the test alone, they are welcome!

Q: I have people interested, but I don’t have a location to train. Are there any options for me?
A: Yes! Depending on our regularly scheduled classes in our Bedford, Peterborough or Portsmouth offices, we can hold your class at our office for no extra charge!

Because every student has their own manikin and our instructors are very experienced, our training is much more effective and efficient than traditional CPR training.

We will also keep track of the certifications for your entire group, so that you will never have to worry about your renewal dates.